Action against glaucoma


What is glaucoma ?

This is the second leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world, glaucoma is a disease
eyepiece that mainly affects people over 40 years old. It is
often due to a rise in eye pressure leading to degeneration
progressive nerve fibers of the optic nerve.


Our project is to detect and diagnose glaucoma. This will take place over 3 consecutive years in 3
different cities to reduce the number of cases.

Each of the screening campaigns will last 3 days. Either 9 days over 3 years.


How to help us ?
You can join our project in many ways.
First of all, you can help us with donations and grants. In
this sense, you directly support the project.
We then propose a sponsorship partnership. In this case, your payment
will be accompanied by the association of the name of your company with our actions.
Different modalities can be envisaged »Your participation can therefore
to be sent by check made out to "ROTARY CLUB ABIDJAN AKWABA"
mentioning "Glaucoma Screening Project" at: 18 BP 3286 ABIDJAN 18.

You can download a folder of the project with this link.