Gift of Books

Stowed in the new brand-new library built by the city council, they will allow, according to Soumah Nina Diarra, president of the club, to improve the cultural infrastructure of the town hall by putting knowledge within reach of its youth.

On behalf of the mayor of the municipality, Boété Laurette, deputy mayor congratulated the club for its choice focused on reading. Which is an essential activity of intellectual development, mental and oral expression. For her, accompanying the mayor, equipping his new library, is a way to encourage his youth to become familiar with reading. That's why, together with youth organizations and school leaders, it is raising awareness so that this new "temple of knowledge" is attended, and never-ending.

For Doumbia Mariam, who is in charge of the newly equipped library, these books will give children aged 3 to 15 the opportunity to cultivate themselves. In addition, with the support of the town hall and other partners, it is planning to equip the space and transform it into a multimedia library by installing computers and connecting to the Internet.